In a good relationship, being married or not shouldn't make any difference. But being married can be useful. It's easier to explain about children. It'll also make life easier for my children. But maybe people's attitudes are changing.

What's a piece of paper and a few extra benefits when two people are in love? Marriage, to me, conjures up disaster, access to ownership, possessiveness, jealousy and unwanted frustrations.

Classically and romantically (or should that be commercially?), a beautiful thought, like flower power. However, my own illegal, 'immoral taboo', 'perverted', 'disgusting', filthy' life has come closer to the utopian ideal of wedded bliss than most of the marriages I've seen. There's more love, more understanding, in many a men's toilet, than in half the marriage beds.

I've been married once – for security and to please – I don't regret it and maybe it made it easier for my wife to have our son – but I can never imagine doing it again.

It appears that very few bisexual men get divorced because of an unsuccessful marriage. Generally they make good, responsible caring fathers. That they cannot be faithful to their wives is due to the fact that without male sexual companionship, a very important part of their nature remains frustrated and unfulfilled.

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