Long-term Relationships

No sexual ones, but lots of non-sexual ones with men and women.

I love being close to people and that means KNOWING them. More often than not for me this takes a long time and a long relationship to achieve it.

Six months sharing everything with someone has given me more for life than many people seem to get out of twenty years of marriage. Nearly all the lovers I've had are now among nay friends and it looks like we're going to keep it that way. I don't think of how long a relationship is going to last, but rather of how far it's going to go.

I'm in a long-term relationship now, and find it very worrying that this choice can be used to attempt to define my sexuality – because I'm living with a man, I'm seen as heterosexual.

I have to place some limits on relationships otherwise I feel threatened by the other person.

A safe place to hide in, conditioned essentially out of a predominantly monogamous culture.

I feel it very hard not to fall into patterns in long-terns relationship, also the way you are defined by people around you – I would NEVER consider marriage.

A secure emotional backdrop and a springboard to bounce into complimentary relationships occasionally.

Several long-term relationships and specially the trust that grew, released me from what felt like a pit.

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