I don't feel totally accepted by other people so almost all my close friends now are bisexual. With them I'm finding a new level of support and awareness. I just wish there were more bisexuals around.

Having been rather insular in earlier life, making friends is very central in my life and I'm always learning a lot.

Going through a lot of evolving personally I've found it painfully difficult at times to keep friendships flowing or experience another one fading away. I'm loyal, fearful of rejection, yet must follow lily own path.

Can lovers be friends?

At 13, Gill and I 'explored' each others bodies. At 18, when I told her I had lesbian feelings, she ran a mile. Some friend! Other than this, I've been very lucky — meeting beautiful people at perfect times. What would we do without friends to turn to when lovers have gone?

I love my friends, we love each other. A full friend for me is someone with whom there is mutual care, like, admiration, celebration, support, critique, curiosity, humour.

I think my bisexuality helps blur the distinctions between friends and lovers. Large amounts of my emotional energy goes out to friends, often much more than to my lovers.

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