I can't imagine life without fantasies – an essential outlet for pentup homosexual desires.

Fantasies can impair real relationships if they overtake reality but can be an escape to stave off depression.

I tried to fantasise about wimmin – I thought that's what a lesbian is supposed to do. But I couldn't. It was always men!

My fantasies are like the weather in Ireland – always changing, always a surprise and yet always familiar. My fantasies are about things I would really like to happen, generally about someone that I very much want to have sex with.

I used to have masochistic fantasies that I felt very guilty about but I think it's that part of your mind that is one of the last to change consciousness.

Sex is better in the head than it ever is in bed! My fantasies are either very basic (crude) or so detailed and bizarre that I can never remember them the next morning – I hate waking up.

Sexual frustration is alleviated by my ability to create an exciting, new and varied fantasy life.

A place to sort out unresolved conflicts, anger, shame and unfulfilled wishes.

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