My brother's a skinhead and goes round beating up 'poofs' – not very useful when his 'big sis' is a dyke!

I'm basically out to all my family but we don't get on well at all. This is more to do with different approaches to life – which of course my bisexuality is part of – than just the fact of my bisexuality.

My family is all the people I am close to and committed to – I have a fine supportive family spread all over the place – I'd like to find some to live with and include children. I feel my parents are part of my 'extended family' as I have good, open relationships with both of them – I feel more and more that my brother is not part of the family as we have nothing in common.

My parents practise what they preach: great family love, loyalty and support, but all this is conditional on not telling them anything they cannot handle, for instance about my being bisexual.

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